Saturday, 30 August 2008

Blogging Begins

I am not in China yet, but I figured I would give the blogging thing a whirl before I get out of the country.  The past few days I have made a few pots, been fishing/hiking, and had a nice pottery sale in town.  Here are some pictures of the things I have been making, and catching.
This is a puzzle jug that I made the other day.  I hope it works correctly.  Thanks Doug for the sweet idea.

This is a picture of me with my biggest pot so far.  I used the coil and throw method that was talked about in a post by Alex Matise in a blog earlier this year.
This is a picture of the Wild Brook trout I caught on my fly rod on Friday when I hiked deep into the Appalachian wilderness.  This trout was caught miles from any road or trailhead.  It was a long hike back there, but totally worth it for these beautiful little fish.

Here is a picture of some mug trees I made from some real trees behind the house.  I made them after my pottery sale this morning.  I figured they would save room on the sale table.
I put some mugs on them that were made by some potters that helped me get into this blogging thing.  There are mugs on there by Alex Matisse, Ron Philbeck, Doug Fitch, and myself.