Monday, 1 December 2008

Ash Pit Tea Bowl

This is one of my tea bowls that fell into the ash pit.  It was one of the little series of 6 I did with loop trailing on them.  I think this guy turned out pretty sweet with the little bit of flash and the ash giving it some texture to go along with the trailing texture.  It is sometimes hard for buyers to understand a piece like this one unless they have a good understanding for wood firing and what it is all about.  Nic Collins makes his pots with loads of texture on them and when I was in Wales I asked him; "Don't people ever pick up one of your pots and ask how you would drink out of it without slicing your hands to ribbons?".  He responded by saying that those kinds of people are not the people who he wants to buy his pots.  If they don't like it then they just wont buy it.  He did not act like he had much of a problem with it either. He has a great artist statement here about wood firing along with an upcoming online exhibition that is pretty sweet.  I have been checking it out thanks to Doug posting it and found it pretty entertaining.  

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June said...

I like it. Mom:)