Monday, 1 December 2008

First Day of December

Today was cleanup day in the studio.  Everyone worked hard to get thier areas clean for the pottery sale on Wednesday.  
This is my studio space all empty and abandoned.  I was done cleaning my area before lunch so I was able to enjoy the rest of the day outside exploring and doing some last minute porcelain shopping for Christmas gifts.
I took Joan out to lunch today at Mr. Woo's.  We had fried rice, sliced pork, and eggplant.  I cannot express how great the food is here when it is done well like this.  I ate until I thought I was going to pop!  This whole meal for two cost the equivalent of 3 USD.  Now that is a meal I can get used to.
As a matter of fact when I left the restaurant satisfied I was thinking how much I will miss real Chinese food.  I love me some down home sweet BBQ, but I think I will miss the food here more than I think.  mmmmmmmm good eggplant.

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June said...

The shop looks tidy. The food looks gross. You look cute in your tobaggan. Mom:)