Monday, 1 December 2008

Joans Birthday Message

Joans birthday is on the 19th of December, but she decided to advertise it being December 1st so she could share it with her chinese friends.  Today she received two of the sweetest letters I have ever read.  One being from James who wrote about how he hoped her birthday was so great.  You can really tell how much he cares for her because it took some work for this chinese boy to write a whole letter in english.  The second letter is from my indonesian neighbor who spent all afternoon making her a flute and writing a letter for her.  She talked about how it did not cost much money for the gift but it was more special because she spent time making it for her.  it was such a sweet thought.  The Chinese people here are so kind and thoughtful to people.  We can certainly stand to learn from people who do not have the many luxuries luxuries we do as Americans or Britans or whomever is reading this blog.  

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June said...

Wish Joan a Happy Birthday for me. We could all take a lesson from the Chinese. I love you. Mom:)