Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Happy Birthday Joan!

This is a cotton candy maker we saw on the way to the restaurant for the party.  The place was decided on by Dorothy, and Rick purchased the cake.  The fun that I had with all of my chinese friends that night cannot be expressed in a mere blog.  I had a blast and I know Joan did as well.
She recieved so many cool gifts.  Look what our painting teacher made for her?  She made a huge paper cut for her with her name in it as well as fish and monkeys.  can you spot them all in this picture?
She also received this awesome wood cut from our history professor.  I was actually a little jealous.  He said he bought it out in country.  It smelled fresh cut and green.    
These are the guests present minus myself, Rick, and Lily.  Rick and Lily are pictured above.

Of course there was an awesome cake.  Those candles burn down pretty fast, but still left time for Joan to blow them out.  Loads of waxy chocolate and fresh fruit in there.  This may be the funnest meal I have eaten since I have been here.  So many language barriers present that we were all miming to one another and laughing hard about it.  It was a blast!  Good food, good conversation, and great friends.   What more could you ask for?


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Tell Joan I love her gifts. Mom:)