Thursday, 4 December 2008

2nd Sale day.

The last sale day was today and we sold a good bit of it.  Other than sitting around watching a bunch of chinese people buy pots I chatted with some of the people, ate a nice chinese lunch, and watched a movie.  Not a very active day, but I am gone to Carolina in my mind so truthfully I was not even really in China today.  I like to lean my chair back on two legs to pretend it is a rocking chair as I jam out to some of my favorite bluegrass tunes.  All the while my eyes are shut and I dream I am at home rocking on the back porch in front of a blue ridge sunset.  I can hear mom calling me in for chicken and dumplings from here.  Gotta go! 


June said...

You are dreaming with MY chicken and dumplings! Granny hs got some cooking for you though. Can't wait to have you home. Mom:)

doug fitch said...

Sweet post, there's no place like home