Saturday, 18 October 2008


The fireworks going off at the end of the ceremony.
They had some confetti in them.

Which made a mess.
Firecrackers are a very common thing around here.  They are very load, and throw stuff everywhere.  It is almost like a roll of M80's going off or something.  Load banging and just throws a few low bright sparks.  They set them off when people die (I think they do it when people are born too, but I am not sure on that one) and thier is rarely a day when you dont hear at least one bit of fireworks going off.  Fireworks have a whole new meaning to me now that it is something I hear all the time.  It is a symbol of life passing which happens every day, and it is something that should be honored and respected.  
Tonight thier was a car crash where someone had died.  It was right outside the campus gates near the studio.  It was a bad one, and a sad one.  As I passed by the last time (becasue it was there on my way too and from supper) I saw them light some fireworks.  I stopped thier along with some others in our group and reverently had a moment of silence.  I said a prayer for the people injured and affected by the accident.  The crackling raged on giving off a warning to the next world that someone from this world is passing through.  It is certainly something I will never forget.    


Ron said...

Wow, I had heard about the conference but had no idea it would be so huge. Crazy. Neat that you are there for it. I like what you said about the firecrackers annoucning someone passing from this world to the next

Brad C. said...

I love fireworks. I still have so much fun with them to this day. Remind me to tell you the story about one time in Scouts when we put some in the fire and Max fell of a bucket backwards, when they went off. This summer, me and my brothers got a bunch of them. I was so proud when Sam wanted to light some and sling them. He laughed and laughed. I am sitting here watching Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey does this great impression of Governor Palin, who is McCain's running mate. Hope all is going well for you.