Monday, 13 October 2008

Rickety bridge that made me a bit nervous at first.  
We ate lunch under the canape.
I did a bit of fishing.  I am sorry that this picture is awful, but I needed to express the fishing.
Feelin' the Chi.

I was feelin the chi....until I saw this piece of dog meat!!  I dont know if you can see it or not, but their is hair and lots of tendon which is an indicator of this coming from a limb area.


June said...

OMG! You need to come home. The gorgeous setting is just not enough to deal with eating the DOG!! I am freaking out!!

tim said...

those are some good pictures. I liked that ricketed bridge,but I think that was monkey meat mmmmmmmmmmmmmm gooooood!!!!!!!

Ron said...

That is pretty freaky, but not worth coming home for. Heck if you think about it pigs and cows and squirrels are gross things to eat to. Might have been better if you'd have gotten some with less hair and gristle. Maybe if it was called something else, you one calls beef 'cow' or pork 'pig meat'. Ha. Have fun! Let me know if you get to try some monkey.
Or if you run across any deer...

Brad C. said...

Brad, The Dog is nasty and looks like it has already been eaten once. However, I can't make fun. I have eaten gator, snake, possum, and groundhog. Remember the line from Pulp Fiction. Pig is good. Bacon tastes good.

Now, I am an engineer and a surveyor. The bridge doesn't look that rickety to me. I can see some of the bracing. However, what is the reason for the turn in the middle of the water. It can't be because the paths are offset, you could still go from one bank to the other in a straight line, or just move the path. I do believe that the construction people had probably been drinking the tea you are so crazy about that day.

Be good. Brad C.