Monday, 13 October 2008

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

Today was Canadian thanksgiving and we have 2 of them with us so we ate alot of food today.  We did not have hardly any time to make pots so I did not get much done in that department.  For lunch we went to this farmers place.  One of the dishes was dog which still had some hair on a few pieces as well as some bones.  The eggplant was really the best dish of all.  Along with those two were some scrambled eggs with some weird spice, good broth soup, sun flower seeds, some fish (it was some kind of coy), and of course white rice.  It was not one of my favorite meals so far, but the setting was awesome.  It was outside of town (still quite polluted) and they had a fishing pond with a rickety looking bridge going across it.  I went to a local store and got a pack of cookies afterwards.  Supper on the other hand was amazing!!  It was a place called hot pot.  Sadly my camera died before so I have no pictures.  I am sure we will go back before the end though.  We all sat around a round table and their was a pot inside of a pot in the middle of the table.  The pot had a fish broth, and a pepper sauce (I am talking really, really HOT!!) inside boiling in the middle of the table over heat.  Their was all kind of sweet stuff thrown in there like thinly sliced meat, fish, fried bread, tofu, squid, garlic cloves, and (the only thing I did not eat) pigs blood in some kind of jello like form.  I actually got full on chinese food.  Some of us were talking tonight about how we are really getting used to the food here.  I do think it took me the whole month I have been here to get used to it and actually enjoy it to a certain extent.  Although I cannot wait to get home and have some good NC BBQ, or a massive steak.  I am sure it will only take me about 2 seconds to adjust back to the american style of food. 

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Heather said...

Please tell me you did not eat the dog meat!