Monday, 6 October 2008

Getting Out.

Today was a great day.  I really feel like I am getting the hang of this clay.  I am getting closer to producing pots at the same rate I do at home.  We had language class this morning and we were supposed to have a quiz, but it was cancelled.  I was very happy about that since I had completely forgotten about that.  We learned sentence structure and it really helped me to understand the phrases we are learning.  We had a homework assignment to go learn ten new words and get a chinese dictionary so after lunch Joan (an older canadian student) and myself set out for the dictionary.  She already had one and was only going for the ice cream next door at KFC on the way, which is a real treat since there is pretty much no good quality ice cream here.  I actually can't imagine how my dad would survive here.  At the bookstore Joan found these awesome posters with pictures along with chinese and english captions.  They are so great for learning simple vocabulary.  They are the kind of posters you see in language class.  We stopped at KFC where I ate two cones of soft serve.  There we met two young girls that were eager to practice their english and teach us some Mandarin.  I had a blast talking to Joan and learning from those two girls.  It is so good to get out of the studio every once in a while.  I often lock myself in there and work myself to death forgetting every other thing in the world.  I am having trouble with the chinese because of the pottery distraction.  Joan and I have that in common, along with many other things as well that really allowed for a good solid conversation.  Tomorrow we have a demo with Martin Tagseth which should be interesting.  I know everyone is excited about that one.  See ya tomorrow!    

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June said...

I was so glad to read your blog today. Sounds like you are a lot like Dad - enjoying your ice cream. Oops! Your teapots look great - I sure hope you find a way to bring a few pieces home. I love you. Mom:)