Friday, 24 October 2008

Successful Firing...we hope.....

A video of how the stoking went while Mike and Justin were on kiln duty.  Listen for the door to open while the wood is being thrown in.  As soon as you hear the door slam shut is when the flames begin.  Oh Yea.
Took a few pictures of cones today.  These are the ones that I liked the best.
So should I put another piece in or what?  These are kiln glasses that are made to look into the kiln with.  The light from inside is so bright it can damage the retina of your eye so you need protection.  I think I will snag a few pairs of these before I leave here.
This electrician made the wise call of setting up his work space on top of ours.  He was putting up a light for us so we can see inside the door at night.  


June said...

i hope the firing goes well. You look cool in your shades. Mom:)

Brad C. said...

Nice glasses. Welding goggles would probably do the same trick. You can pick them up at Lowes and Tractor Supply I know. I really like the funky candle apple. It looks good. I have not written this week, but I am back home now. I got home about 10:30. I feel weird being at home because we are having the Fall Camporee. I am goiong out there first thing tomorrow morning. I was too tired to go tonight.