Friday, 31 October 2008

The Last 2 amazing days!!

The past 2 days have been field trip days.  I have taken 199 pictures during those 2 days so rest assured in that category.  Basically I went Back to Tian Bao, Back to Gaolin Mountian, and to a huge factory with the whole group that came with NCECA.  The most beneficial thing for me during those trips were making connections with people from all over the US and China.  I also went to a lecture last night at the pottery workshop where there were people from all over the world.  It was really amazing seeing the whole group in one room.  You could sit, watch, and hear a number of different locations from around the world being represented by language and dialect.  I heard French, German, English, Chinese, Indian, Australian, and probably something more all coming from the same room.  It was a real pleasure to meet some of these world representatives in China as well as just listen to them speak.  
I also met a few people from NC here yesterday on the all day trip to Mt. Gaolin.  It reminded me once again that I come from one of the most pottery rich states in the USA.  I am sure everyone here can tell that I am dang proud of it too!!!  It was really nice to be able to talk to some people from the same pottery heritage (and pride) as me.  It was also very nice to be able to hear someone with the same dialect (twang as I call it) as I have.  I am particularly thinking of Karen in this case.  I do have to admit that my favorite person that I talked to all day was Dwight Holland.  I was really able to talk to him about the pottery heritage, and people of NC yesterday.  It got me so excited to talk about something I am so familiar with.  He also told me many things I did not know about some of the potters and potter history that I am extremely interested in.  He gave me a list of potters to look at, and talked of his sweet pottery collection back home.  I truthfully cannot wait to go back and visit him in Seagrove.  When our conversation started he asked me who my favorite potter in Seagrove was.  I was quick with my honest answer of Daniel Johnston.  I could not have said anything better because he agrees with me wholeheartedly.  A large portion of our conversation revolved around Daniel and his career as an artist.  I think I relate to him because of our travels, and cultural influences that go from eastern countries back to England and America.  I am also one that tries to be completely traditional and natural with the pottery I make just like Johnston.  He is certainly one of my pottery heroes.  He has a great online exhibition here.  To look at the pictures scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link to the exhibition.   
Well folks I am sorry that was brief, but I will put some pics up later in the day because I have to eat breakfast at 8.    I will tell more about the last few days within the pictures.


Ron said...

Glad you met Dwight. You should plan on going to the NC Potter's Conf. in March 09 in Asheboro. I'm sure he told you about it.

doug fitch said...

I think I have a one of Daniel's mugs from when he was at Clives - very nice it is too

June said...

Glad you had an amazing day. I am excited about your North Carolina finds. I think almost every piece of my pottery comes from North Carolina. I am proud of that too.

Dad and I had a good time at Game Night tonight - learned to play dominoes. Everyone says hello. I love you. Mom:)