Thursday, 9 October 2008

This is a new food I tried today.  It is called Mau Tsu (Mow Tuh zhoo) I dont know if you will figure the pronunciation.  It is made from rice paste or something extruded from a metal can like thing.  It has some grainy stuff on the outside, was the consistency of a mushy piece of gum, and tasted like a ball of sugar.  I dont know if I will buy any myself, but I did eat three of them.  
I just thought I would share how I have gone back in time to the point of having to take of the metal tab to drink a coke.  Probably one of the many, many reasons this country is so polluted.
Some of my handles after a bit of improvement.  You can see one of the boxy ones from the past in the front.  The rest are improved to be a bit more sleek.  I am still working on the handle department.

What I got turned before supper.
It was a pretty normal work day today.  I need to go out to food alley for some more chinese food making videos or something to liven up this blog a bit.  Tomorrow I am going to move studio space nearer to a window and a bigger space.  My space is very messy now and I willl take some before and after pics.  Supper was sooo good tonight.   wish I would have snapped a shot of it.  They fried the rice (way better than white in my opinion) and we had these awesome dumplings called Jou tsu (I think)with pork or something in them.  I took a nice nap this afternoon from 1-2:30.  I had a hard time livening up after it though, at least enough to make pots.  I started turning about four. I am excited about tomorrow.  Also an update on my room mate.  If you did not know he has been gone since before the Yixing trip.  I think he may not be coming back.  I am not sure though.  His parents were contacted some time today.            


Michael Kline said...

Brad, the pots are looking good. I'm not sure about the sugar balls, though. :-)

Sobelle said...

Oh, Grasshopper!

Run! Run for your life! Looking at those extruded sugar balls, I'm thinking Mau Tsu as in Mau Tsu Ma's Revenge - Chinese Edition!

Your work is absolutely outstanding! I know they're just for fun, but I love the jugs with the faces on them. They're great!

Mandy's Mom

June said...


That looks like something I would have cooked! Mom:)

Heather said...

Your pottery is looking great, Brad. I'm also glad your enjoying the food... I am certainly enjoying reading about it!