Saturday, 11 October 2008


Had a test in language class friday.  I made a 95.  The best I have done so far.  I got up to study before class and I am sure that is what did it.  here is a pic of the board after class.  I thought yall would think that was cool.
We went for a walk in the afternoon to go get some food.  Here are some light poles in Jingdezhen.  They are thrown with pure porcelain and stacked together.  The whole town is covered.  It is really very stunning.
We saw this guy doing some show with monkeys on the way there.  
It was kinda cool.  We left after they wanted money, but I still grabbed some photos.

This is from right outside the campus entrance.  Alot different that down home.  The horns are in a constant blow here too, just to give you a feel.  


June said...

I love the light poles and the people must be stacked on top of one another. I did not realize you were in that big of a city.

tim said...

you better keep your eyes on those monkeys. they might on your plate later next week. make sure you get me a picture of that.

don't be skipping any more blog days.
we are very proud of you and i can see a lot of improvement in the last 34 days.


tim said...


Beth C. said...

I agree with Tim, don't skip anymore blog days. You had us all in suspense wondering if you'd gone missing like your roommate. It's fun getting to keep up with your experiences in China and we miss it when you're not there. You might have to keep blogging when you get home because we're all so addicted.

I wouldn't be surprised if the monkeys did show up on your plate either judging from the other food we've seen.
Take care,