Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rainy Day

I have been admiring Rons slip carving lately since I have been following this blog.  You can see it in this piece.  I do like the way it looks when you just doodle it up like this.
Pots awaiting firing.  This is work by Kurt Teeter, and myself.  The lidded jars, and the oval skull jar are Kurts.  The bowl, face jugs, and teapot are mine.
Trying some wadding techniques I have never done.  It should allow me to fit more of my work in the kiln as well as leave cool wad marks where the flame misses.

We did not load the kiln today because it rained all day.  It was actually very relaxing since I was done glazing.  I pretty much just hung around the studio after lunch and chatted with people.  Our last visiting artist arrived today.  Her name is Beth.....I actually cant remember her last name right now.  I am planning on resting some tomorrow morning as well.  Once I get in glaze, firing mode I really dont like to go back to the wheel until it is finished.  

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June said...

I love you slip carvings. They look really nice. Hope you will call soon. I love you. Mom:)