Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Day of Rest

This is what I ate for supper. La Mien with eggs and beef.

This is the noodle man making noodles. He is the man! Hence the name noodle man.

I did not make much today other than decorating a few. I went downtown this afternoon, and hung around with people all day. I also took a nice nap this afternoon. I am going to start fresh tomorrow. I have some ideas brewing around up in the head for some new functional pieces (inspired by what I have seen others do of course).


June said...

How did he do that? Mom:)

June said...

Hey Brad! :) This is ellyn! I'm at your house and your family just showed me your website :) I'm going to start checking it out everyday. I miss you. Seems like China is quite the interesting experience, Can't wait til you get back and tell us all about it.

Ron said...

That soup looks gooooood