Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Beginning of Madness

I went to the opening ceremony for the huge conference that is beginning.  There are people in this town from all over the world to make, sale, and learn about pottery, porcelain, and its traditions.  I suppose I was expecting something small when I got on the bus this morning at around 8 to head the the festivities.  Once we arrived the amout of people was unbelievable.  I was constantly checking to make sure someone in our group was in sight.  Truthfully all of them stick out like sore thumbs because we are taller and whiter than everyone else.  The ceremony was a bit long and boring because it was all in chinese.  They introduced every country represented, and things like that I guess.  I fell asleep after about ten minutes.  I am talking about a dreaming deep sleep here.  I was asleep on my hand sitting in a chair when all of a sudden a gunshot blew loudly from two seats behind me.  It was like a machine gun continuous madness.  I sprung up from my slumber and turned my head around to find a huge box of exploding fireworks right behind me.  The fireworks here are pretty brutal though.  I am surprised I was not hit by any shrapnal or anything.  I went inside of this museum and looked at a bunch of porcelain ware and left.  I am not a huge fan of the porcelain so it got old fast.  We had one of the best lunches I have eaten yet afterwards.  Alot of sweet tasting food.  I was very happy it was not spicy.  Pretty much spent the afternoon blogging since we just got the internet.  I worked in the studio a bit but ended up throwing a load of stuff away.  I ate so much for supper too.  Li Chau took some of us out and he knows what we like to eat so we ate pretty good.  They have these awesome fried bananas here coated in caramelized sugar.  We ate two servings of them.  I just talked to my mom on skype for a while so I am ready for the bed.  Tomorrow should be exciting because of all of the madness going on in town.

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June said...

Wow! I had no idea it was this big a deal - you were right to keep an eye out for your group. It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack to find someone.

Right after I talked to you Dad snet Katie a picture of a deer he had killed. I guess we will be eating that bad boy - just kidding of course, but it would be tame comparing it to the food you are eating.

I really enjoyed all the pictures. Actually, I would love to come to this festival. I will just have to enjoy your pics though.