Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Tian Bao potter education.

This man loves to teach!!  I got the message across that I wanted some hands on action and he immediately went and found the nearest bucket to practice with.  This is me in the learning process.
Studying hard.
Boss demo action!!
Me with a hand position reference.
Me and the master himself along with some of his demonstration wares.  
Here is a funny story from today.  Someone asked the demonstrator how he made his pots so round.  Keep in mind this is all having to be translated.  So we wait for the translator to talk to him.  Then the translator looks at us and says "he says he walks in a circle".  ha!  I thought that was pretty good.
I was particularly inspired by the tian bao pottery today.  I worked with the man doing the demo's for a good little bit today and I also saw an amazing video documentary by Jackson Li.  I bought the documentary and plan on paying a tian bao a good hearty visit some time in the near future.  

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June said...

I loved these pictures. someday you will be a master. Mom:)