Wednesday, 22 October 2008


This is sugar cane.  Basically you just bite off a chunk. chew on it a bit until you get some juice out, then spit out the rest.  After a cane this size I imagine your mouth would be very soar.  This stuff can really do a number on your teeth.

This is a shot of one side of our glaze room equipped with sprayer and some of Andrea's frilly little girly pots (I actually really like her work.  It is very well done.)


June said...

Hey Brad. I hope you are fine. Just wondering - do they have floride in the water there? Mom:)

tim said...

brad i went to the bank today and you will get all your money back by 10 24. we will get a new card here and if you had a address we could mail it. please post an address if possible and i will send you a letter ( NO CARD) to see if it gets there.


by the way everything looks very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!