Thursday, 23 October 2008

Loading Day

This is edwin spraying on glaze.  He uses the traditional chinese method which is mouth blowing the glaze on.  We have an air compressor as well and that is what I use when I spray(so I avoid blowing my brains out).
another view of the glaze room with the big reduction kiln.
Mike, and Kurt making some cone packs.
This is a moth on a pitcher I made.  Just thought it was cool.

The Day was pretty much filled with loading the kiln and goofing around.  I threw a little bit this morning because I got bored.  Nothing happened except glazing until two when we started loading.  We loaded the wood, and reduction gas kiln today.  I am extremely anxious to fire and get the things ready for the upcoming show.  

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June said...

Can't wait to see the results. I ended up taking the day day off to take Granny to Asheville to get Papa's medicine. I just think she needed a little break - so we enjoyed the day. We came back through Chimney Rock. She sends her love - so does Papa.