Saturday, 11 October 2008

friday and saturday

What we had for supper friday night.  Everybody get excited for the dumplings.  I cant remember the chinese name right now. They have some kind of meat in most of them.  
Some steamed oysters at the nice restaurant I went to with Brad, and Kim. 
One example of a toilet here.  Not sure if that has been posted yet.  It is at ground level.
Get a feeling of all of the people here.

Some Jars I finished friday and threw away two of them because the lids did not fit well.  I guess I am not taking anything home here and I want to leave the best I have so I do not want to waste clay on a bad pot.  
I am pretty much taking the weekend easy.  I did not do much but hang around, decorate pots, and move spaces yesterday.  I have moved my spot to in front of a window where I am sure the view will be much more pleasant. 


June said...

I sure am glad you blogged today. I was beginning to worry. what happened with your roommate?

Dad and I went to the movies last nght and saw a really good one. It was the story of the first Black Heisman trophy winner back in 1962. The cool part was his favorite scripture was 1 Cor. 15:10 - your scripture that you put on the bottom of your pots.

Katie has gone to a Haunted House tonight with Zach. I don't guess they celebrate Halloween in China.

Well, I loved the pics. If you don't blog every day, I really miss it. I love you. Mom:)

Alex Matisse said...

Hey Brad, Ive been enjoying your transmissions from afar. Went squirrel hunting this afternoon. Got two in the freezer. You got any good recipes? I know you've eaten a squirrel or two in your day....Keep up the good. Your pots are looking great! When are you getting back. You'll have to make a trip out here to show me how to dress a deer....