Wednesday, 8 October 2008

I am finally Getting it.

The bottles and tumblers I made this morning after class before lunch (from about ten to eleven thirty.)
I took some of the smaller ones and put faces on them.  I get encouragement from the other students to make them.  I think everyone thinks they are pretty fun.
update on the soda kiln.
Some forms I made after supper.  I hope to get some good handle practice on these.  We will see what happens to them later I guess.
Today was a day that was almost perfect.  After language class I went into the studio with the intent to make some beer bottles a bit like martins.  Amazingly I felt like I was turnin back at home.  I made everything pretty fast and was able to throw dry enough to take everything off of the bat immediately.  I did not use one bat today which is a first with the china porcelain for me.  I guess after making bigger forms going smaller seemed like a breeze.  I also recieved a load of help from the other Brad that is here today.  He gave me a nice hard critique on my handle forms and I must say it was humbling because I felt like a real champion after finally getting a good feel for this clay.  He told me to try and match the rim thickness with the edge of the handle thickness for a better looking form.  I had never heard that before.  My handles are a bit too thick and it made me start to dislike many of my handles after he told me about it.  He told me that I had some nice pots, but the trick now is fixing the little things.  Turning something good into something great.  He is really a great teacher and a great potter as well.  he and his wife Kim are staying here for about a year.  Kim is teaching english here.  They have a blog about this place as well.  You should check it out here.  I spent all day in the studio today.  8am-8pm with lunch and class in the same area.  Needless to say I am quite tired at this point.  Good morning everyone in America and goodnight to me!      


tim said...

brad you need to call fed ex. your package is in need to call them at 258-698-9966 ext.5456. talk to G ZHANG.
control# 0924002011
tracking# 8608 0107 3803
they said if you would call they will bring it the next day.



tim said...

I think your finally getting it.

June said...

Sounds like you had a good day. I really like the looks of your facejugs.

Ron said...

That's a good tip on the handles. Glad you had a great day. I'll hook you up with a good tea supplier when you get back home. Try to find some ginseng green while you are there.

Brad C. said...


We need some kind of Boy Scout face jug for the Hut when you get back. I know you can create something. I am at the Grove Park for a conference, and my food looks much better than yours. I could have tried the face jugs, but the Mah stuff looked like melted marshmallows rolled in potting soil. No way man. I am really starting to question the tea!!! You seem to be totally enthralled with it. Be good over there.

Brad c.