Wednesday, 24 September 2008

After breakfast today we had a language class and decided to have speaking test next class.  A bit of a bummer to have to study, but I suppose I would be in school anyway.  I am starting to pick up more of the language as I hear people speaking it.  I made some small (large for here) jars today that I think I may try to put faces on.  I did not plan on doing that, but after some students saw the slide show I had a bit of encouragement.  I hope they stay together, it may be struggle not to crack because this porcelain is so sensitive.  We also have so tian bau clay which, according to everyone who has used it, throws much, much better than the chinese porcelain.  I think I am going to stick with the more challenging stuff because I am just starting to get the hang of it, and it would be a shame to quit throwing it while I am getting used to it.  People say that if you can throw this clay body then you can throw any type.  This clay body is the most challenging body in the world to throw.  I made another teapot today as well.  I am really a lover of teapots becuase there is so much you can do with the form of one, and it really gives many opportunities to a potter to go in many directions.  I am very excited to visit yixing next week because it is a city that focuses on teapot making.  It should be very interesting to stay there for a week while the chinese holiday is going on.  I took a much needed rest today because I am still recovering from the cold I had.  At lunch I was about to fall over so I slept from around 1-2:30.  Worked a bit till supper and then went and got a massage which was most definitely the hi-light of my day.  It lasted for 2 hours and cost the equivalent of 10 dollars.  It was the best full body massage I have ever received (also the only one I have received).  After a treatment like that I extensively prepared for my bed tonight, but not before loading a few pictures from yesterday and today.

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June said...

I am jealous about the massage! Mom:)