Monday, 15 September 2008

Biggest Groundhog Ever!!

Today was a great day.  We had a field trip and it was to one of the coolest potteries I have ever seen.  I ws in the studio this morning at 7 and we left to eat breakfast at 7:45 then off at nine or so.  There were around 20 of us crammed into a 16 passenger van with stools sitting on the floorboards.  The ride was about 45 minutes long and extremely hot and dusty.  The scenery was gorgeous though.  Mountains, and rice fields everywhere.  There were rivers flowing all over these huge valleys.  I saw quite a few water buffalo (which I have never seen before today).  Anyway the place we visited specializes in roof tiles and huge planters so they have an absolutely massive tunnel style kiln.  It is like an iceberg because most of it is underground.  It was just like a groundhog kiln except HUGE!!  It was 160 feet long rolling up a hillside with side stoke holes running about every four feet.  We looked at some beautiful pots and saw how they made roof tiles.  The whole thing was absolutely amazing and very impressive because all of these great things take so much time and work (especially the roof tiles).  I will upload some pics.  After the long drive back I was wiped and wanted to relax, but I ate some lunch and went to the studio.  I worked all afternoon with one break for a popsicle, which was very nice.  I am testing some slip on the porcelain we are using and I am excited about decorating with it since I became very interested in slips while in England.  This evening Dave, and Jeff gave presentations on their work as potters.  Both presentations were great and talked of their whole lifestyle and not just their work.  I admire the lifestyle and the work of a potter and was really glad to hear both.  It makes me want to grow up really fast listening to things like that.  I listen to them and think that they really have the good life living out in the woods making pots full time.  I cant wait to get my hands in some clay.  The one thing I noticed and admired about these two guys is that they don't do the same thing over and over again.  They make different stuff every firing and that brings the customers back.  That is something I need to do, but it really takes some thinking.  I enjoyed the presentations very, very much and hope to pursue a lifestyle much like the ones of these two men.  Really awesome people, and they both have great women at their sides too.  That makes a difference and I need to start working on that some time soon I suppose.  It was Donnas (Jeff"s wife) birthday tonight and we ate some chinese cake and sang.  It was pretty good and the cakes were just amazing.  I have some pics of those too.     


June said...

Your pics are so cool. I can not imagine their size. The gentleman in one of your pictures looked so far from the front of the kiln. You are learning some valuable lessons from the masters. I know you are excited!!! People are asking about you daily - I tell them all you are having the time of your like.

I am going to Ladies Night Out tonight. Faithe is our speaker. Dad is runiing sound. We should be home by 8:00 if you want to call. Make sure to get rest and eat safely! Love you. :)Mom

doug fitch said...

Amazing kiln. Not too much cake now, looks like some crazy colourants in that icing.