Saturday, 6 September 2008

Pre Departure

In six hours I will be leaving Cleveland County to head for the other side of the globe. I am a bit sad because I have been home so long I have gotten used to it. I am nervous, yet anxious to get started. I sure hope this is going to be what I expect it to be. I have caught myself sitting back and wondering if I have gotten myself into a mess. I don't know anyone going on the trip, and I don't really know half of what to expect either. I suppose it is like opening a gift when you do not know what is inside, but right now I feel like I am approaching the top of a roller coaster about to catch a view of the awesome ride that is ahead. My stomach literally feels the roller coaster nervousness at the moment. I wonder if I am even going to sleep at all tonight. I did not expect this kind of nervousness. I suppose it just hit me. I may be going to an unfamiliar place, seeing unfamiliar sights, and meeting strange people, but I will be doing something with my hands and heart that God Himself put me down on this earth to be familiar with. Even if making pots is the only thing I can relate to, I believe I will be comfortable in this place simply because pottery is what I am comfortable doing. This is the end....I mean the beginning. The next time I type in this blog will be in China (hopefully not too jet lagged).


Ron said...

Hey Brad, Good luck! You'll have a blast. Be sure to eat some weird food while you're there.

June said...


You learned to write really well when I wasn't looking. I am very impressed. Tons of people have been asking about you. I told them about your blog and gave them your email address. Jen Lu - from church - wants you to visit her parents while you are there.

I am very proud of you and so happy you are getting to do what you love. Can't wait to try out Skype!! I love you! Mom