Sunday, 21 September 2008

Really hot chinese graduation.

All of the freshmen had to go through military training in order to go to school at Jingdezhen.
This is their graduation from military training.  Check out the soldier who stood in the same position for over an hour.  You could watch the sweat drip from his earlobes to his shoulder because it was so hot yet he did not make a single move. 
This is a video of the freshmen marching down the track.  The say yi, er, san, su which is 1,2,3,4 in Chinese.


June said...

Very impressive. Mom:)

kathi said...

Jen said that she had to do this marching in camouflage when she was a freshman. She got points and had to do this for moving on in subjects for high school. This was an activity that everyone had to participate in unless they were sick. She said it was very hot and terrible. She wanted to cry! She didn't even get to sit down at all, like we see some doing in your photo. She will have to do something similar to this when she graduates from high school, ready to go into college.