Thursday, 25 September 2008

Yes, I did make a porcelain face jug, and I am from North Carolina!!!

First face jug.  I think it is a little crowded, but it is a good start I suppose.
We unloaded a gas kiln today.  A little bit of student work.  Two pieces I did in B and w.  They turned out a bit light.  Overall I was not that pleased
A few of the pots I have been making
My shelf with 5 new shapes I will trim up a bit tomorrow.  The weight factor is getting better though.

Glaze demonstrator.

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Brad C. said...

Brad, Your work looks really good. You are doing a great job, keep it up. I got to thinking about you this evening because I got the Andy Griffith show DVD's for my birthday. Your momma used to call me Opie, a long time ago, and it made me think of her, which I thought of you. I was thinking that some time down the road when you get back, you would be the perfect person to come and teach Citizenship in the World. One of my favorite pictures you have posted is the beautiful views. Your mother said the view needed a lake, I think snow caps would be more appropriate. Take care and be careful. Brad C.