Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Here is a picture of what we have running around in the yard of our studio.  The gatekeeper cooks them up daily.  We ate one of these girls for lunch.  We had duck one day as well.
Here are some of the more cute ducklings.  They are very fun to watch while they play and catch bugs.  About six months before these things hit the plate.
Here is the view from the roof of the dorm.  It is much like the one from my window.  We are in some pretty sweet mountains.

The sunrise over Jingdezhen.  The train arrived just a few hours before so I could catch it.  This was also taken from the roof.


KatieL said...

those poor little chickens :(

Hal said...

Hi Brad,
Looks like you are having a great time. Really enjoy your photos and stories. Looking forward to hearing more when you get home. Have a great time, Hal

Alex Matisse said...

Whoa! Brad! China! Whats going on? you turnin red on us? Just joking. Ive got some catching up to do. I just found your blog. I had no idea you were doing this. Congrats!