Thursday, 18 September 2008

Some of my poor little sagged over cups.  I am using quite a few of these to test all of the slip combos on.  These guys sit up high in my little corner like grave markers.
This is a picture of Justing playing with Saggar.  The studio dog that loves to run around and keep us company.
Some close detail on some large jars that I did not make but though was really awesome.
Some of the trailer I tracked down.  The one with the black top has an adjustable nozzle

A lid that I decorated today for a tall oval casserole dish.  This is actually the first one I have made like this even though customers ask me for them all the time.  The more orange slip is one of the new flashing slips.


Ron said...

Brad, what is your skype account name? How can I find you there on Skype. I am listed under Ron C. Philbeck. Look me up and drop me a call.

Brad Lail said...

yea man. I am bradlail.