Monday, 29 September 2008

Yes, everything at this vase factory was THIS amazing.
The pieces thrown and attached for some really massive wear.  
The kiln for the monster pots.
A chinese worker artist attaching a planter together.  They attach these pieces bone dry with thick slip mixed with around five percent glaze so it really sticks well when firing.

Makin a real big section.
Going to this factory excited and inspired me to make some big pots.  I cant wait to try some similar methods for big pots here in Jingdezhen.

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Jean said...

how are u theses days I left u a message yesterday in your facebook but I 'm not quite sure when u will have a chance to see it.
my mom is really looking forward to your visit in Nanjing.And she even found a translator (a girl about my age )for u.U can visit anytime u want(better at weekend).She will pick u up in the train station .U don't need to worry about it.I 'm sure u will have fun there~!