Tuesday, 23 September 2008

This morning started early and I was tired.  At  6 we left for the antique market and I suppose I was too tired to appreciate it or something.  I did not find anything I really liked, but I did buy a teapot that Jeff wanted and bought from me after my accidental purchase.  I just spit out a ridiculous price to the guy selling it and he took it.  He laughed at my 90 offer from his 300 price.  Then I offered 95 and he started bagging it up.  Jeff bought it from me because he liked it more.  It just had a slipcast look to me that I did not like very much.  It was a bamboo teapot with some cool carvings.  The blue on white lady came back today with a camera crew.  She did some video of us learning to paint from her.  I glazed 2 more pieces with her today.  I also made 2 teapots and somehow didn't mess anything up while doing so.  I got some new ideas in class tonight while I was doodling that I am excited to try out.  I am really pushing myself out of my regular box, and sometimes I do not like it.  I suppose it is good though.  After class I went with some guys to a club.  I danced a bit and even danced on a table at one point which was pretty fun. It is not something I would do every night of the week for sure.  I guess ya gotta experience it ll while your here though.  I am having a blast and am with a great group of people that are very easygoing and easy to get along with.  I am very thankful for that. 


Ron said...

Table dancing!!!! Look out now!

June said...

Table dancing! I would have been better off not knowing this. I am glad you are having fun and enjoying people you are with. Put some pictures of them on your blog and let us know who they are.

Sounds like you are are real wheeler-dealer! It might be time to ship some bargains home.

We enjoyed your call this morning. I hope you are as good as you sound. We miss you. Love, Mom:)