Tuesday, 16 September 2008

An example of some of the pieces I did with the tam bau slip from the trailer that Jeff let me borrow.
Four more pots that were decorated with slip.  All were done by me except Jeff did the slip on the second from the right.  I think I need to make my lines thicker.
Some vases I finished up today.  The weight and form of these are the best I have made with this clay so far.
A mixing bowl I made, but the lip would not stay up on it because this clay is so sloppy so I made some props from my tools. 

Dangerous Dave turnin up some tea bowls.  He made them pretty quick and said it was a great way to warm up before throwing for the day.

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June said...

I love the pots with slip. You did a great job. My first wrods were WOW! Mom :)