Friday, 19 September 2008

takin' it a bit easy

Got up a bit late today like 7:30 and went down to the studio.  I did not make any pots this morning.  Instead I went and did some laundry and did some sketches.  Jeff did his demo today which was really great except the clay really stinks for doing a demo with.  It was still really informative.  After the demo I went and got onto i chat and talked to some of my boys back in NC which was so cool.  It was good to see some of the faces from the hall again.  I think everyone thought it was pretty exciting.  I hope to do it again soon and see some more people.  After lunch I did some serious cleaning of my area which got really nasty from some serious turnin'.  Then I did some new sketches and thoughts for a good efficient birdhouse design.  I did some teapot and coffee pot sketches as well.  I really took the morning easy.  Li Chau gave me a ride to the store so I could get some ice cream which was nice.  I took a look at Daves area which was kicking butt.  He was really churnin em out.  It got me excited about making some pots so from 3-6 I made some big vases, a birdhouse, and a coffee pot.  I made the biggest pots I have made with this clay today.  I was really feeling good about my tall forms today.  I was on a good roll, especially after the break.  After supper Li took some of us the the newer part of campus which is really huge (20,000 students).  We are going there tomorrow for something and then to an ancient kiln site and museum.  Li Chau keeps trying to imitate my accent and it is really funny to see.  I will have to post a video of it soon.       

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