Wednesday, 24 September 2008

yesterday pics.

This was something going on around the antique market.  Pretty cool packaging huh?
A few of the students posing for a picture with the master.
Some sweet badminton action from the window.
One of the blue on whites I did quickly with no sketches at the end.  I feel like I do better when I do things faster without thinking sometimes.  Just quick muscle memory strokes.

Two, very loose for my style, teapots and a birdhouse with a tall lid.


June said...

I loved the picture with your friends, the teapots are great, and the vase painting is absolutely awesome. You are so not like me!!!

We have a few classes at school checking out your blog. I think they are enjoying it. Your journal entries are excellent!

Call soon. I love you. Mom:)

ang said...

hey brad, enjoying your adventures extremely jealous actually wish I had the time to do a trip like that, being in Oz we get a lot of influence from china and regularly get student and teachers alike through adelaide on artist resident visas at the jam factory and uni... continued fun brad and happy brush purchasing too they have some incredible ones like 'chickens head brush',, cheers ang