Sunday, 14 September 2008

Pots and noodles

Today was just a regular work day and it started pretty slow.  I got to the studio at 645 and started turnin some stuff.  I messed up 3 of 6 pieces.  I got a little frustrated, and I also had some bowls to trim that I screwed up as well.  All but one anyway.  I went and ate a bowl of super spicy noodles for breakfast and left sweating bullets, and it was awesome.  I ate from "the noodle man twice today.  It is a small restaurant in an alley we al call food alley.  Loads of local people cookin up some spicy home made grub.  Sometimes it can be a bit disgusting with chicken heads and things, but most of it is really great.  The noodle man has two little girls that are the cutest things on the planet.  They love the americans.  The girls also really enjoy it when people from our group teach them english.  They have a book in english and we can read it to them and point at things for them to practice.  It is very fun.
After my morning of ruining pots with this super soft creamy clay, I needed a break.  I was very tired and a bit annoyed with pots in general so i finished up and went back to take a nap in the dorm room for an hour.  When I returned I found Dave was making some tea bowls in the same shape as the ones pictured yesterday.  The only difference was that he was not using the chinese method.  He was not using the hump, throwing from the left side, nor was he using his whole palm to lift the clay.  All of these are new things I have learned here that I hate entirely.  He was turnin pots about the same way I do at home.  I looked at him and though I think I can do that.  I went back to my wheel and turned a little shelf full of large tea bowl shapes.  I did them fast and consistent.  This is the best I have done so far.  I will not say it is the best, but it is good for me in this particular situation.  It really made me feel good about the end of the day.  I went back to the noodle man for supper after of course I enjoyed rice, egg, and tomato one of my favorite dishes I have had so far.  A nice finish to a great day.    


Mhouston said...

Brad, Thanks for sharing your thoughts, photos, and videos with us. It is evident you have a passion and gift for pottery. Thanks for sharing the joys of your craft as well as the frustrations of your work. Take care. MeH
P.S. don't forget to e-mail R.C. in Shelby.

June said...


Looks like you are going to come back with a taste for the hot and spicy. That s okay. I like it - maybe we can convert dad (I doubt it). It looked like the cook was making an enchilado?? Talked to a lot of people at church today about you. They are reading your blog and enjoying. The videoes are great. Get some rest. I love you. Mom