Monday, 22 September 2008

NC pottery pride I will never loose

We had a quiz in Language class this morning and it went pretty well.  I am learning loads in there.  After I was really ready to get to some of my work after the day off yesterday.  We had a lady come and demo today that does the blue on white painting on porcelain.  We were told that she was only going to be here for two days so I pulled myself away from what I was doing for that.  It was really a struggle because I had my mind set so hard on what I was doing that to change up and do painting was really a push especially since painting on pots is really far out of my comfort zone.  I keep reminding myself that I am here to learn more about other things than to explore myself.  I can do that any time, but I am in China and its blue on white for crying out load!  After dinner toninght we had a slideshow presentation where everyone said where they were at and what they were trying to accomplish with thier work.  I made sure to represent NC well since I am the only potter from that super awesome pottery area.  I showed work by my main influence and teachers (Talked and showed slides of Hal's work, Doug, Tom, Kim, Mark Hewitt, Matt Jones, Daniel Johnston.... some great NC stuff)as well as a few slides of my own.  I also did a brief bio of myself and how I learned to make pots in a folk traditional way.  I am very proud of that and hope to never loose that quality in my work.  Anyway, we are going to the antique market tomorrow so I better get some sleep.  

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June said...

I am proud of you for remembering your roots. I know the potters you mentioned would be pleased.

Today is such a nice cool day. You would enjoy being home - a good day for fishing. There is a feeling of fall in the air.

As always, we love and miss you. Mom:)