Sunday, 28 September 2008

Burnin' #1.

My favorite pic of the day.
Yes, the glue bottle does say that on it.  Pretty sure whoever desighned this bottle needs to learn more english.  haha
Kim cookin' up some great spaghetti sauce in a wok. 
New soda kiln update.

At the end of the firing.  Someone's cracked bowl and you can see the cone down just below it.


June said...

Very good pics. Mom:)

Beth C. said...

Hey Brad, We've been keeping up you on your blog and are amazed at all the wonderful pictures and articles. It sounds as if you're having a great adventure. John is showing Granny and PaPa the pictures on his Blackberry so they're keeping an eye on you too. Have fun and take care.
Beth (and John)

doug fitch said...

That's funny! Amazing those huge pots - incredible, bet those guys can't make egg cups