Thursday, 25 September 2008

The hi-lights of today were the first porcelain face jug in my carrer, and trying to do laundry.  People really enjoyed watching me make the face jug this morning I just hope it stays together.  I have a fear it wont because this porcelain is so sensitive.  Today I took my laundry to the little laundry mat close by and the lady was fairly hard to work with.  She spoke no english (which is normal) and just seemed to have no patience with me.  I am also pretty sure she overcharged me.   I got my stuff back with a pair of Bobs shorts in with it.  Bob had troubles with her today as well and I think he is going to do something about it.
I do believe I am getting a handle on how to throw this clay.  I am not ready to switch clay bodies yet.  I actually made some nice shapes on purpose today.  It is the little things that help like the amount of water and the number of pulls.  My cough is still here, but it does not get in the way too bad. I talked to my parents today on skype, and saw my sister.  That was a good part of the day as well. 

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June said...

I love your face jug. That is my favorite piece so far. I hope you can bring home your first porcelain face jug. The Catawba Valley people will think you are "uptown."

You be nice to that laundry woman -I know it is hard getting used to having to pay for someone to do your laundry. Letmeknow when you find out what she charged you. I will do it for half that - which will be twice what I have been getting (lol).

We enjoyed talking to you last night. I was glad Katie was here.

She is planning to go to the fair this weekend - it is kinda rainy here though. There is nothing quite like the Cleveland County Fair.

I got my first look at the land Dad got. It will be a perfect place for your pottery kiln. I am excited for you!!

You take care. I hope you cough is better. We love you!!! Mom:)