Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Afternoon Kiln museum

This morning I finished glazing and wadding my pots for the wood kiln, and I am officially finished until the firing.  Now I have some real exploring freedom.  Ok.... so today Joan and I went to this awesome kiln museum in downtown.  This is the outside of it with all kinds of sweet bronze sculpture everywhere.  
There was a chinese opera stage at the front of the entrance.  They have traditional chinese operas here on special occasions.  There are hundreds of different characters in the chinese opera and every one has a different mask.  I now realize that is where the masks from the 3 ninjas movies are adopted from.  If you dont know those movies it is ok.  It is just a significant childhood memory for me.  
This is the ancient kiln site that was found in the middle of town.  All of the buildings around this area are filled with old shards that were excavated from this site that dates back around 1000 years.  It was so cool for me to get to see this site in person. 
This is exactly what the sign says it is.  

This is one of the buildings in the area.  It is a temple with some magnificent carving and amazing gold kiln gods that people leave gifts for and pray to.  I have some pictures of what the inside has in it, but I will put that up later or something.  I am very tired from working this morning and walking all afternoon.  Good morning everyone else but me!!


Anne said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Brad! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! Mandy's Mom

June said...

Very good pictures today. the Chinese are very ornate.

Katie and I went Christmas shopping today. It was a nice trip. I think I bore Katie though - she stays on the phone most of the time. Bah - humbug!!!