Thursday, 13 November 2008


Today I was supposed to go to Tian Bao for the day, but some things happened this morning with the ride and I am going Saturday.  I really had almost nothing to do today so I hung out with james, my chinese friend all day.  He is 19 years old and starting his university career in English.  We ate breakfast together and then for the afternoon Joan and I took him with us to ship our packages.  This was the craziest thing I have ever done.  Joan and I were literally at the post office all afternoon.  We had to unbox, repack, have inspected, fill out papers in chinese and name it and we did it.  It was sure a hassle, but I think it will be worth the light load on the trip since we are traveling around China for ten days before leaving.  I had to walk all over the place for packing materials and such as well so I am extremely tired at the end of this day.  Joan and I had a great conversation about the intimacy of pottery versus other arts.  We also talked about communication of the artist through the pots.  It was a great conversation, and I am sure any pot head reading this knows how great conversations like that can be sometimes.  I am also getting so many great messages from home through e-mail.  It is very encouraging and uplifting and I am really enjoying it while I am so far away from the warmth of my friends and home.  Anyway...I guess that is all for now.  Sorry I did not snap any photos today. 


June said...

Hi Brad. Sounds like you have had an interesting day. We are ordering out for pizza - then watching Survivor. Wish you were here. I love you. Mom:)

doug fitch said...

I know those conversations - I don't get to have them often enough. I had a great one yesterday with Alex McErlain - really important, it helps me find out what I'm about.

What you going to call your blog when you get home?!

Brad Lail said...

That is a good question. I want it to be something that shouts tradition (of england china and NC), North Carolina, school, and starting. After I graduate from undergrad I will probably start a new one.

tim said...

june, sherrie,betty and joan went on their annual christmas trip and won't be back until sunday night.

HAPPY BLOGGING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 weeks to go!

tim said...

today i helped will put windows in his house.your mom is not here , but i read her your blog over the phone.
i look foward to reading about what happened today, i can't imagine what could top what you have blogging.

love DAD