Tuesday, 4 November 2008

New Clay day #2

This is a picture of a large bowl with a rolled rim I made.  I needed to take a picture because I was not sure that it was coming off the wheel without a bat.  I was so excited about the clay that I did not even think to put on a bat.  I did manage to move it without damage though.

I am really starting to love this new clay.  I only put in the before lunch work today though on account of feeling a bit sick to my stomach.  It is so easy to get sick here that there has been little to no time where nobody in our group of 16 or so has been sick.  I have experienced two dreadful colds.  One of which left me bed ridden for a day and a half.  Today was the first time my body had to actually get rid of whatever I ate.  While being in China I have to be very careful to eat a wide range from the 'ole food pyramid.  They do not have milk here or much meat, and most of the greens are not very hearty.  I am getting too much starch from the rice, noodles, and potatoes.  All of the food factors are things I don't have to consider at home, but while here I am forced to or I will feel the consequences.  Although experiencing some troubles I am learning loads through the process.
I got so excited about this clay today that I was having fun making things and then just tearing them part as fast as I could.  Joan (my studio mate) put some on the wheel for the first time today and was so giddy she couldn't hardly sit on the stool to throw.  What is funny is that the clay is not even that magnificent.  It is the fact that we have been throwing with cream cheese the past 2 months that makes it seem wonderful.  I made a few big bowls and large jars just for fun, and it made me feel really good about myself.  
While being in rest mode today I have been reading "The Studio Potter" from summer 2008 about tools.  It is a great tool in itself and I will definitely be checking more of them out when I get home.


June said...
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tim said...

brad please call your mother. i will be leaving for south carolina wed afternoon. i will be back on saturday late afternoon. i wish you were going with us. doug and matthew are both going.if i get another big one it will be tough but i will do it for you.:)

but please call your mom so she won't worry herself sick.
i really hope you feel better very soon. i love you brad. :) :)