Monday, 10 November 2008

Moving pots.

I ate at the KFC down the street (which tastes almost nothing like KFC by the way).  The Chicken there is made the way chinese people make chicken.  I dont think I need to tell you that they take their badminton seriously here.  I thought this box was extremely funny.

Me standing in one of the shops.  As stated previously, I dont see how they make any money here with all this white clay everywhere.
I think this is the coolest shot I have gotten since I have been here.


ang said...

excellent street shots brad, thanks and happy firing

June said...

Kramer and Newman got their ricksha idea from the Chinese I guess??

tim said...

look at that guy standing in the shop , click for a close look , look at his face. i think that is what they are staring at.

the guy in gortex jacket