Saturday, 22 November 2008

Decal story continued

These are some of the crazy decals they have done a series of in the past.
More of the dacals they were under contract to produce for a while.
This is what it looked like outside of the factory.  I had to get out to breathe anyway so I figured whay not take a few pictures.
This is what was inside one of the many warehouses in that area.  Packed with junk like many of the huge warehouses in that area.

If I failed to mention it earlier the yellow burns out to make blue and white on the piece after firing.   

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June said...

Funny thing today. We went to Pappaw and Grandma's and she has Chinese porcelain - blue and white - all over her house. It has been there all these years and I have never noticed it before.

They can't wait to see you. Neither can I. I love you. Mom:)