Friday, 7 November 2008

Hook of death!!

I wanted to post something a little more interesting in the wierd parts of this place I take for granted on a daily basis.  This is a picture hand drawn on the wall of my dorm room here.  it is done with black permanent marker, crayons, and other colored markers.  I guess this also gives you a look of the outlets here.
This is a huge hook that is about 8 inches long, and really sharp.  it is hanging from the middle of the ceiling in the room here.  Does anyone out there have a clue what this is used for?  I had to have someone tell me, but I would like to hear some creative guesses.  Feel free to use e-mail or whatever to answer. 


Ron said...

hanging your undies to dry.
hanging up a pig to bleed out.
hanging a nice potted plant.
hanging your roommate.

Joe and Christy said...

8" long and sharp?
If it's not for hanging your roommate, then I would have to guess hanging some kind of fruit or flowers to drowned out the smell of your roommate.

Hannah said...

hook your finger into it when you're pulling handles, will ease the arm ache.

June said...

Remember when Barney Fife had to grow 2 inches to keep his badge? It's a stretcher....or a bike rack. I loved the little switchplate. Mom:)

Brad Lail said...

Well guys I had no idea and all of the students marveled at this thing for a while. Maybe the rooms here did not used to be closed or something because they were originally put there to hang mosquito netting from. Sorry that is not as cool as a finger stretcher, or a trap to get rid of your room mate.

doug fitch said...

Hanging a mosquito net from - ah too late

tim said...


i heard that your dad killed another 8 pointer.

is that your light beside that hook?