Monday, 3 November 2008

Influenced, but not changed.

Two jar decoration details.  New bird pattern and a carved fish.  They do alot of porcelain carving here, but this type is more NC traditional inspired.  I messed up a bit in the fin, but I think it will fill in with ash.  
Some of the flower patterns adjusted with a bit of chinese influence.

Today I switched clay bodies to a more stoneware like body.  I still do not think it is quite like home, but it does pretty well.  I can finally take 8 lbs and use it to the full potential.  I am sure I could probably do more than that, but I have yet to try with this stuff.  I have not taken any pictures of the new clay yet because I want to get handles on them first.  I have been practicing some painting with the traditional chinese painter and have came up with some new trailing patterns.  I am very excited about this new clay and feel I am really going to be able to improve myself now that I can use this clay the way I am used to using it.  Beth gave her slide lecture tonight and it was really great.  I was personally inspired to try to express more of myself in my work.  Who knows what will happen, but my brain is churnin'.  


Joe and Christy said...
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Joe and Christy said...

I have to say I've been following your blog for a little while now, and I'm growing incredibly jealous of the opportunities you have. Seriously jealous. It looks like you are making the most of your opportunities though and your pots are improving. Keep up the good work.

June said...

I like your designs. the fish look a little different from the fish you have made before. I can detect the Chinese influence. You are doing great work. Love you. Mom:)