Monday, 10 November 2008

Decal Store trip

This was the loud street outside the small decal shop we tried all day to find.  We were hoping to find a big shop, but it is hard to do when you cant speak chinese and you do not know where you are.  They were paving the street.  Can you see the street roller on the right.  There is so much movement going on all the time here and I sometimes try to capture it with a photo of the street.
One of the decals of children.  The chinese use this type of image to communicate innocence.
The wall of the small shop.
Inside of the shop.

This is a chinese taxi.  His money can is attached to the front.  I do not usually ride a taxi like that especially when it is raining like it has been lately.


June said...

Such an interesting place. I think these pictures are awesome. You have really captured the feel of living in this city.

tim said...

it makes me want to go do

i think they are coming out to see the tall american

laureenjl said...

Hi, I am traveling here soon, do you have a town or street name please?
Looks interesting!!!!