Monday, 17 November 2008

What's up

ok so all of these pictures were taken this weekend.  It is Tuesday morning now and we will be having the last wood firing this weekend.  We are also having a reduction firing at the end of this week so everyone is getting ready for the firings.  I am going to spend the rest of this day lining, and wadding my pots as well as trying to catch up the blog.  I did so much this weekend and I am a bit behind because I did so much without blogging this weekend.  We only have about 2 weeks left in Jingdezhen before we go traveling around China before leaving for home.  There are many people getting sick right now because of the weather, and probably other factors so I am trying to be out of the studio as much as I can in order to not get sick.  I feel great though especially since I have discovered the new energy source of chinese dry noodles (top ramen).  They are a great replacement for the studio food and using the community chopsticks that are getting pretty nasty at this point.  I have a few more weekend pictures to load later, but for now I am off to finish glazing.  I will catch ya later.  

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June said...

I am glad you are staying healthy. Only four more weeks. We will miss you during Thanksgiving. Mom:)