Friday, 28 November 2008

Tian Bao trip #3

When I arrived around 9 in the morning some of the crew was working on loading the kiln with tiles.  Mr. Jin was not there, but I had a great time learning from the workers there for the day.
this is a shot of where they are in the loading process.  The kiln takes 5 days to load so they may not even be done loading in time for me to see a firing happen.  It was very cool to see the loading process though.  I love wood kilns, and especially groundhog tunnel style ones, like this so my heart was skipping everywhere while watching these pros load this monster. 
from the other direction near the loading door.  You can catch an idea of the slope in this one.
Good ash buildup on these old bricks.

Me chillin' with the loading crew.  These guys were great to me all day.  Any time it looked as though I needed anything they were right there to help.  They are very experienced hard working men of their field.


June said...

I LOVE the picture of you with these guys. A picture speaks a thousand words!!! I love you. Mom:)

tim said...

cool pictures
i like the one with you and your chinese brothers