Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Chinese Water Buffalo!!!!!  This is for you Austin and Weston.  We saw loads on the outing we went on as well as people walking them around on leashes like dogs.  This one was not one of the big ones either.
A shot of the street where we were.

There was a nice bridge with a sweet view.

This outing happened on Sunday.  We went here after the temple trip with all of the nice people.  This is where one of the people were from.  We met his father, mother, and some others that were related to him as well.  It was a sweet adventure.


June said...

Will is going to look in buying the boys a water buffalo off ebay. Mom:)

tim said...

very good pictures today.
i can't get over your fans on the streets. it is very funny. we love these blogs, it is great!!!