Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Morning Parade

We were up early ot go to the opening of the sports week here at the university.
We marched around the track in a parade like format.  When some reached the bleachers they let go of bunches of balloons.
There were just as many people there as the military opening think except it was freezing cold instead of scorching hot.  I am sure Jeff will remember this shot from the last time we stood here.

This is one of the intimidating signs in english.  I come, I see, I conquer.  They takes sports week pretty seriously I guess.


June said...

That is a huge crowd. Do all of them study ceramics at the university? Mom:)

Jeff said...

I was missing being there with you in Jingdezhen until I saw these stadium shots!
Tell Mike I'm going to have to miss the Chinese test this week...hope you do well!